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State Bankers Association Directory

By admin • January 4th, 2010


The Alabama Bankers association is dedicated to providing leadership and banking products and services to the banks located in Alabama.  The Alabama Leadership Bankers (ALB) are a section of the Alabama Bankers Association and consist of Alabama bank leaders representing practically every area of the industry including consumer and commercial lenders, branch officers and administrators, as well as finance and operations managers.


The Arizona Bankers Association has been the voice of Arizona’s banking industry for over 100 years. The ABA has over 70 banks and credit card operations among its members. the members operate in every corner of the state, from the Grand Canyon to Tuba City, Douglas to Yuma, and everywhere in between.  They provide products and services for all bankers located in the state of Arizona.


The Arkansas Bankers Association is one of the most complete examples of the concept of cooperation. While most would agree capitalism is based on individualistic ideas, few would disagree that great benefits can be had, even among competitors, by working together for the benefit of the group.  ABA Services is quite simply the Arkansas banking industry’s buying cooperative for financial products and services. This subsidiary leverages the collective purchasing power of the member institutions to increase quality and reduce costs.


The California Bankers Association is one of the largest state banking trade associations and one of the largest state trade associations in the country, CBA has a long and proud history of providing its member institutions with the tools and resources to succeed in California’s dynamic banking marketplace.

The CBA was founded in 1891, the California Bankers Association represents more than 300 members in the state, including commercial banks, industrial loan companies and savings institutions. California has one of the largest economies in the world and is home to millions of people with diverse backgrounds and is often regarded as an great place for new business ventures. At the center of this is California’s banking industry, which provides jobs to more than 100,000 Californians and financial security and opportunities to many more. CBA member banks hold over $4.4 trillion in assets and loans that are in excess of $2.5 trillion. The interests of the banks range from agriculture to consumer lending, from small to international business. The mission of the CBA is to provide it’s members with unparalleled resources to help them prosper in California’s vibrant marketplace. They help these businesses stay ahead of new banking trends and on top of crucial issues.


It is the mission of the Colorado Bankers Association to improve the quality of the Colorado banking industry and to enhance its ability to compete in a vibrant market place. ¨        The CBA is an advocate for banks to the government and the publicØ      It helps to minimize the burdens of government, improve the business and regulatory environment and helps to maintain bank soundness and render service to the communities that they serve.

¨      Provide the services, resources, information and education to help banks prepare for the future.

¨      Promote cooperation among banks

¨      Encourages high ethical and professional standards and involvement in the community. 

The Colorado Bankers Association represents virtually all of the Colorado banks, from the smallest to the largest banks.  CBA provides government relations, community relations, and banker education.  It also provides bank insurance and other various services.




It is the mission of the Connecticut Bankers Association to represent the financial institutions and banks in the State of Connecticut and to serve as the voice for its members in all matters where there is a common interest.

The Connecticut Bankers Association supports and promotes legislative and regulatory initiatives at the state and federal legislatures that promote the general well being of the members, the Connecticut banking industry and the consumers of Connecticut.

The Connecticut Bankers Association encourages and facilitates the exchange of information and ideas among its members. The CBA serves the collective needs of its members by providing educational programs and cost-effective services.


The DBA was founded in 1895, the Delaware Bankers Association is a private trade association made up of  national and state chartered banks, non-depository trust companies and savings banks that have assets or physical locations in the state of Delaware.

Banking is the largest non-agricultural industry in the state of Delaware and has over 29,000 people that are directly employed by financial institutions. Another 23,000 jobs are also generated by the industry in areas such as construction, retail, services, and real estate. These individuals employed in these industries represent 14 percent of the State’s non-agricultural workforce.


The Florida Bankers Association is the primary resource for Florida financial service providers and works together with the government and community to influence the state and federal legal regulatory environment in order to better serve their customers.

The FBA also helps maximize the ability of its members to compete effectively and profitably and is a positive influence on the economy of Florida.


The Georgia Bankers Association is one of the largest and most esteemed partnerships of resources and financial leadership in the country.  “The GBA is the state’s financial center of learning, a hub of interaction and a resource that empowers.  Here, contemporary thought meets classic wisdom, defining a new standard of banking.  Along with a collection of vital services, the GBA offers a tradition of unmatched accessibility to a wealth of industry resources.


The Idaho Bankers Association is a financial service trade association for the regional and community banks in Idaho.  The Association’s mission is to: 

  • Promote a positive image and understanding of the banking industry to the communities that they serve and to maintain public confidence in the strength and security of the Idaho financial services industry.
  • Protect the industry against legislation or regulation which might result in overly burdensome oversight or a competitive disadvantage to it’s members.
  • Provide the IBA membership with the assistance and resources that are needed to improve efficiency and the profitability of it’s members and also serves as a forum for open communication between financial services providers in Idaho and the communities that they serve.



The Illinois Bankers Association is a full-service trade organization that is dedicated to creating a positive financial business climate that benefits the entire financial services industry. The IBA joins state and national banks, savings banks and savings and loan associations of all sizes and from all part of the State of Illinois and collectively represents the vast majority of banking interests bank employees in the state.


Through a variety of channels, The Indiana Bankers Association provides its members with services and support. The IBA continually strives to provide government relations, education and other services in a manner that benefits its members. The IBA will never lose sight of its core values or its mission statement, always remembering that success is measured by the success of its members.


During the 121-year history of  the Iowa Bankers Association, it has dedicated itself to serving Iowa banks their employees and communities. The primary purpose of the association is to provide representation for Iowa banks before the legislature and to provide an association where individual bankers can get together  and exchange ideas on the  banking.  The IBA continues to look for ways to serve the banking community through educational opportunities, legislative and regulatory representation, industry communications, opportunities for communication between banks and enhancing of the image of banking in the communities that they serve.


The KansasBankers Association  is the leading advocate for the financial services industry in Kansas, and  provides services that assisst banks in maximizing their profitability and their accountability to the communities that they serve..


It is the primary purpose of the Kentucky Bankers Association to provide an effective advocate for the financial services industry in Kentucky and on a national level.  It also serves as a reliable and responsive provider of information and education to its members about areas that are of interest to the banking industry. The KBA also provides a forum for collective industry action.


LBA member banks, offer your customers a more personal level of service. The LBA offers a more affordable way to provide national-level services to its communities as well.

As of January 1, 2008, Bankers Benefit of Louisiana (BBL) and Community Financial Insurance Center (CFIC) have joined forces, giving member banks the resources to purchase insurance at a much lower cost, and provide insurance products and services to it’s member customers.


The Maine Bankers Association is a financial services and banking industry trade association that represents the interests of Maine’s banking industry, trust companies, and other financial service providers. The MBA is an advocate for the banking and financial services industry, and facilitates communication with its membership, and provides educational, training and regulatory services to it’s members.


Since it was founded in 1896, the Maryland Bankers Association (MBA) has served the State’s banking and financial services industry.  It is the only Maryland-based trade association that represents commercial banks and thrifts, the MBA works to maintain the competitiveness of the banking industry and provides oversight on government regulations.


The Massachusetts Bankers Association is a complete banking trade association that represents over 200 banks from all over Massachusetts. These financial institutions are both large and small, commercial banks, savings banks, co-operative banks and savings and loan institutions, and are located in every corner of the Commonwealth.  Together the member banks represent an approximately $523 billion in total assets.

The MBA was founded in 1905 to promote the general welfare of banks and financial institutions; to assure unanimity of decisions, along with the benefits that comes from the personal association and discussion of subjects of importance to the banking, and financial service industries of the State of Massachusetts, and to secure the proper consideration of issues regarding the financial and commercial laws which affect the banking interests of the banks in the State of Massachusetts.


The Michigan Bankers Association (MBA) is an association of Michigan banks and financial institutions that have over 2,300 branches located statewide with total assets of over $200 billion. The mission of the MBA is to advance a positive business environment for the Michigan banking industry and to promote safe, profitable, and successful banks, which will then promote strong communities and a vibrant economic environment in Michigan. The MBA is the official representative of its member banks for the state legislation and regulations. The MBA actively advocates legislation for the benefit of the industry and the communities that they serve.  The MBA opposes those laws and regulations which would hinder its member’s ability to serve the needs of the communities that they serve.


The purpose of the Minnesota Bankers Association is to provide its members the leadership, services, and support necessary to ensure a vital, growing financial industry.

The Minnesota Bankers Association (MBA) serves Minnesota’s bankers.  The MBA is extremely proud of its long history and our close working relationship with our members. Along with the education, legal, legislative, and insurance areas, members receive value added quality products and services to ensure that they receive the most from their membership.


The Mississippi Bankers Association was formally established on May 22, 1889, in Jackson at it’s first-ever convention. Thirty-one delegate bankers from as far away as Brookhaven and Water Valley took part in the convention.  The purpose of the association is to provide products and services for it’s members. 


The Missouri Bankers Association was founded in 1891 during a gathering of bankers. The membership includes commercial banks and savings and loan associations representing over 1800 banking locations and over 30,000 bank employees in the state of Missouri.

The Missouri Bankers Association is the principal advocate for the banking industry and is dedicated to providing products and services that bring benefits to its members.


A sound financial system is vital to the well-being, strength, and prosperity of Montana’s economy. The foundation of Montana’s financial system must continue to be the commercial banking industry. The Montana Bankers Association (MBA) exists to encourage the continued strength of community banks as providers of capital, credit, financial services, asset management, intermediaries, employment, and corporate citizens.


The NBA is the voice for the Nebraska banking industry, its mission is to provide extraordinary service it’s members.  The vision is to be the foremost resource and advocate for Nebraska’s banking industry.

The association monitors the banking environment, and is watchful for new ideas and approaches to help Nebraska’s financial institutions respond to an ever-changing banking environment.  The NBA responds quickly to events that affect its member institutions.  Initiatives include legislative representation, education, industry promotion and public relations, cost-saving products and services, and an array of other services designed to meet the needs of Nebraska’s banks and savings and loan institutions.


This is the official website for The New Hampshire Bankers Association.  The associations mission is to provide product and services to its banking members.


Your portal to interesting, timely and accurate information about the New Jersey banking industry and the New Jersey Bankers Association.


The New Mexico Bankers Association, plays an essential role in creating a great  atmosphere so that all banks in the state can thrive, prosper and continue to serve their communities.  Never have the challenges facing our industry been so great and the issues so complex. 

The NMBA’s responsibility to fulfill its mission statement has never been so important.  In years past, the New Mexico Bankers Association has been able to meet its stated goals through the strong support of member banks and the willingness of bankers to serve with diligence as NMBA volunteers.  A skilled staff, committee members, committee chairpersons and directors make up the heart and sol of this viable and strong trade association.  Through legislative efforts, federal and state, or through the current educational programs, the Association continues to serve its members.





For more than 100 years, the New York Bankers Association (NYBA) has been at the advocate of the financial services industry in New York.  NYBA is comprised of the commercial banks and thrift institutions that engage in the banking business in New York State.  Our members have aggregate assets in excess of $9 trillion and more than 300,000 New York employees.

Carver Federal Savings Bank

New York Community Bank

Emigrant Savings Bank

North Fork Bank

Trustco Bank

Bank of Smithtown

Amerasia Bank

Ridgewood Savings Bank

Community National Bank

Hudson Valley Bank

Union State Bank

M & T Bank

Watertown Savings Bank

Astoria Federal Savings Bank

Community Mutual Savings Bank


The North Carolina Bankers Association was established in 1897. The CBA of North Carolina joined with the NCBA on January 1, 1997. The resulting organization continues as the North Carolina Bankers Association operating under its original charter. The trade group offers legislative assistance in the North Carolina congress and the US Congress on behalf of its membership. It provides education and training programs, media relations, and insurance benefits programs. The Carolina Banker magazine offers regulatory and compliance assistance, and other services to its members. 


The NDBA’s Mission is to provide leadership and support to the financial services industry.The mission of NDBA and the people behind its success guide the financial institutions in North Dakota. The NDBA’s most popular publication, is the Directory of Financial Institutions in North Dakota. You may learn more about the North Dakota Bankers Association at it’s web-site..


For over 100 years, bankers from the state of Ohio have taken advantage of the vision shared by some insightful Ohio bankers in the late 1800s. Even though each was a fierce financial competitor, they realized that great benefit could be achieved by cooperating. This led to the formation of what is now known as the Ohio Bankers League.

The cooperation continues to make the Ohio Bankers League one of the strongest and most reputable financial associations in the country. Each year, thousands of volunteers and a full-time, professional staff provide Ohio bankers with a complete menu of cooperative opportunities – opportunities that not only help operations, but more notably, the bottom line of the banks.


From its inception more than a century ago, the Oklahoma Bankers Association has followed a simple vision: to make bankers better at what they do every day, and that’s their sole reason for existence. They are there to help improve your bank’s performance and its service to your customers.

The Association continues it’s mission in a many ways, but always with a commitment to returning the greatest value possible to its member banks. The following pages explain how your bank benefits by being a part of the larger group.


The members of the Oregon Bankers Association (OBA) show a financial institution’s commitment to the principles of banking and the belief that much more can be accomplished together than individually.

The OBA has a vital role as a sounding board for ideas and opinions from bankers across the state. Ideas are referred from the general membership, analyzed and then acted upon. Bankers explore issues affecting the Oregon banking industry’s day-to-day and longer-range outlook. The OBA acts as the industry voice.


Since 1895, the Pennsylvania Bankers Association (PBA) has been representing Pennsylvania bankers across the State at both the state and federal level. The PBA also conducts some of the finest seminars, academies and schools available to bankers anywhere. The PBAis a member organization that relies on a range of committees to shape PBA policy and programs. Through it’s member input, the PBA maintains a standard of excellence that is unrivaled in the industry. The PBA is considered one of the strongest and most well respected trade associations in the industry.


The SCBA mails to its members a publication entitled, State of the SCBAssociation twice a year. This is a review of the Association’s highlights and accomplishments over a six month period. The publication is printed in July and December.  SCBA members may receive a copy of the most recently published report by requesting at the the e-mail address on the web-site. Please include the correct address and/or fax number.


The South Dakota Bankers Association (SDBA) is the professional and trade association for South Dakota’s banking industry. It was established in 1884, the SDBA helps to provide the opportunity for banks to be the providers of financial services in the state. Through the SDBA, hundreds of South Dakota bankers volunteer each year to serve on advisory boards, committees and task forces that educate South Dakota’s consumers.


It is the mission of the Tennessee Bankers Association is to represent and support its members, and to enable them to provide a complete range of quality financial products and services and maintain safety and soundness.


Ever since 1885, the Texas Bankers Association has been working to create a creative and profitable environment for its Texas member banks. This has provided a healthy atmosphere for the banking industry, as well as the resources and services to benefit the banks and it’s employees.

Representing all of the Texas banks, the Texas Bankers Association brings together community and regional banks, bank holding companies and savings institutions.


The Utah Bankers Association is the professional and trade association for Utah’s commercial banks, savings banks and industrial loan corporations. It was established in 1908, and  serves, represents and advocates the interests of its banking  members, and enhances their ability to be exceptional providers of financial and banking services.

Through UBA, hundreds of Utah Bankers volunteer each year to serve on UBA advisory boards, committees, task forces.


The Vermont Bankers Association was organized in 1909 “to promote general welfare and health of the Vermont Financial institutions. The VBA remains committed to that mission today.


The benefits of membership in the Virginia Bankers Association include a wide range of services in the following areas including Government affairs and legal solutions, education and training, employee benefits, and other products and services.  All banks located in Virginia qualify for membership.


The Washington Bankers association is overseen by a Board of Directors – comprised of WBA members – that affirms that each product and/or service offered has been completely researched and is continually monitored to ensure its ongoing quality, integrity, and value. This comprehensive review assures the member institutions of solutions that meet high industry standards, deliver the quality and reliability are expected, and offer the potential to improve the bank’s profitability and performance.

The WVBA represents the banking industry in the West Virginia State Legislature, and the U.S. Congress as well as many other state and federal regulatory agencies.

The WVBA uses many different tools to keep our members abreast of the latest banking information. Whether by mail, phone, fax, or by it’s  web site, the West Virginia Bankers Association’s job is to get the pertinent information to it’s members on a timely basis.


The  Wisconsin Bankers Association was founded in 1892 and is the state’s largest financial industry trade association, and represents over 300 commercial banks and savings institutions and their nearly 2,300 branch offices and approximately 30,000 employees.

Of the 300 Wisconsin banks, approximately 97 percent are members of the WBA. The WBA represents banks of all sizes from banks in rural Wisconsin to the state’s largest bank in Milwaukee.

The Wyoming Bankers Association (WBA) is a trade association established to serve the needs of the state’s banks and thrift institutions. Among other activities, the association provides continuing education, develops and monitors state and federal legislative agendas, disseminates information on all facets of the financial services industry, and promotes the public image of financial institutions.

The Wyoming Bankers Association’s exists to assure and promote the continued strength of banking institutions throughout the state.


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